Caregiver stress can be a challenging element of caring for your aging parent. Studies have shown that being a family caregiver puts you at increased risk of not only experiencing stress, but of suffering the potentially serious consequences that can result from the stress. These consequences can include increased susceptibility to illness and infection, fatigue, headaches, gastrointestinal issues, depression, irritability, and more. Taking steps to ease this stress is an essential part of not only guarding your own health and well-being, but ensuring that you can continue to be the highest quality caregiver possible for your senior as they age in place.

Caregiver in Novato CA: Tips for Easing Caregiver Stress

Caregiver in Novato CA: Tips for Easing Caregiver Stress

Use these tips to help you ease your caregiver stress throughout your care journey with your aging parent:

  • Be aware of your stress. Simply acknowledging that you are dealing with this stress is an important step in moving forward with managing it. By recognizing that you are suffering stress, you can make modifications to your care routine and daily tasks, seek support, and find other ways to cope with this stress on a daily basis.
  • Seek out and accept help. Simply because you have made the decision to be a family caregiver for your aging parent does not mean that you need to take on all of the care tasks for them. In fact, many elderly adult have care needs too expansive for one person to handle effectively on their own, especially if that caregiver is also caring for a child, managing a household, maintaining relationships, and working. Reduce your stress by seeking help from friends, family, and professionals, and accept the help that is offered to you.
  • Consider home care. A professional home care provider is an exceptional source of assistance for your aging parent. They can offer personalized care that will specifically address your senior’s needs in the way that is right for them so that you can focus your time, energy, effort, and resources in the most effective way on the other obligations in your life as well as your own health and well-being.
  • Schedule time for yourself. Make sure that you put the same importance on taking care of yourself and having time to yourself that you do to the other obligations in your life. Set aside time each day or each week to relax and enjoy time to yourself so that you can rest, release tension, and boost your own well-being.


Being a family caregiver for an elderly adult can be stressful, challenging, and, at times, overwhelming. This can be especially true if you are a member of the sandwich generation caring for your elderly adult and your children, or if you live at a distance from your senior and are not able to be with your parent as often as you would like to be. Fortunately, home care can be there for you. The highly personalized services of an in-home care services provider can fill care gaps and ensure that your parent’s individual needs are met in the way that is right for them. These can be care needs that you are not able to handle due to your own challenges, limitations, or distance, care needs that your parent or you are not comfortable with you handling, tasks that need to be handled more frequently that you can fulfill them, or just the support that companionship can offer.

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