If you don’t realize that your senior is having trouble driving, you might not know that it’s time to talk to her about hanging up her car keys. These are some of the bigger issues that let you know it’s time to have the driving conversation with your aging adult.

Home Care in Rohnert Park CA: Signs of Unsafe Driving

Home Care in Rohnert Park CA: Signs of Unsafe Driving

Confusion While Driving.

Confusion is never a good sign when driving. Everyone has been confused about directions or a wrong turn, of course, but the kind of confusion you’re looking for is about more common driving tasks. For example, if your senior can’t remember which way to switch the turn signal for a left turn, that’s a bad sign. Likewise if the pedals or signs are confusing.

Difficulty Navigating.

If your senior is forgetting where she’s headed while she’s on the way there, she may not be able to navigate well on her own. It’s possible that she knows this fact and is covering it up by asking people to be her copilot while she concentrates on driving.

Distraction While Driving.

Playing with the radio or fiddling with her mirrors while she’s driving can be an indication that your senior is distracted behind the wheel. She may also be paying much more attention to what’s going on outside the car by way of sight-seeing or watching pedestrians instead of traffic.

Ignoring the Rules of the Road.

Being able to drive safely means that your senior is not only paying attention, but she’s also following the laws that govern motor vehicles. If she’s ignoring traffic laws, this is not only dangerous but it can result in her acquiring quite a few tickets that can be extremely costly.

Evidence of Bad Decisions.

It’s possible that you’re not in the car with your senior as much as you would like to be, especially if you’re concerned about her driving. In this case, looking for evidence that your senior is having trouble may be your best recourse. This can take the form of scrapes or other damage to the vehicle itself.

Offer your senior other options besides sitting at home on her own. Hiring home care providers, for example, can provide companionship and also ensure that she has a driver when she needs one.

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