Lakshmi was worried that because her elderly father was facing so many health issues recently, that he could no longer live alone in his home. However, when she suggested that he move somewhere else for better care, Lakshmi’s father refused. She was right to worry about him, as seniors with multiple health conditions have an increased risk of injury, illness, accidents and problems with maintaining a household. After exploring all the options, Lakshmi quickly realized that hiring a senior care provider for in-home care for her father was the best solution.

Senior Care Oakmont CA - Is Senior Care Right for My Elderly Parent?

Senior Care Oakmont CA – Is Senior Care Right for My Elderly Parent?

Although most aging adults might insist that they can get along just fine on their own, many adult children see the evidence that proves their elderly mom or dad really does need some assistance with daily tasks. Perhaps they see their elderly loved one struggle to make healthy meals or they notice problems with grooming and hygiene. No matter what the evidence, adult children who are acting as family caregivers are faced with several options about how to keep their aging parent safe, comfortable and happy at home.

As much as a family caregiver may want to set aside their own life and tend to their aging mom or dad, most people can’t do that full time. They need help and while other family members and friends may be able to assist every once in a while, the aging adult deserves someone stable, consistent, and reliable. That’s why hiring senior care providers has become so popular in recent years. Not only do aging adults get in-home care from a senior care provider, but family caregivers can rest easy knowing they don’t need to worry about health and safety with their elderly mom or dad.

Benefits of In-Home Care from a Senior Care Provider

When family caregivers cannot provide the level of care their aging mom or dad needs, they should take a serious look at hiring a senior care provider. A professionally trained assistant is ideal for aging adults who have mild to moderate health issues and need someone to help them for part of the day. Senior care providers can even help aging adults with more serious health issues, too.

Here are just a few reasons why in-home care with a senior care provider is a good idea:

  • In-home care is often less expensive than other options
  • Seniors are healthier and heal faster when in their own home
  • Mental health is better for seniors when they are aging in place
  • Aging adults stay connected with their neighborhood and community when living at home
  • There is less exposure to germs at home than in other locations
  • Seniors can get more personalized care from dedicated senior care providers
  • The aging adult is always attended if they need help or if there is an emergency

The benefits that a senior care provider brings to the life of an elderly adult can’t be measured. In addition, the peace of mind that family members gain is also priceless. Senior care can be the ideal solution for an isolated aging adult.

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