Your senior may not be eating as often or as much as she did in the past. There’s a lot that factors into this, from activity levels to appetite, but there may be more that you can do than you thought possible.

Senior Care Cotati CA - Does Your Senior Need to Eat More Regularly?

Senior Care Cotati CA – Does Your Senior Need to Eat More Regularly?

Ask Her Doctor about Exercise

If your elderly family member doesn’t have much of an appetite, she may need to be a little more active. You always want to check with your senior’s doctor first to make sure that exercise is okay for her to start. Once you’ve got the go ahead, you can start to put together a simple plan for helping your elderly family member to be a little bit more active every day. This doesn’t have to be big or complicated. In fact, the simpler the better.

Check Her Water Intake

Dehydration can be a big problem for seniors. To help avoid that problem, make sure that you’re helping your senior to drink an adequate amount of water. You might want to start out by talking with her doctor about how much water is right for her. Making water intake fun also makes a big difference. Figure out ways to make drinking water a game for your senior and it might be easier for her to get as much as she should.

Consider Smaller Meals

Sometimes larger meals can be intimidating, especially if your elderly family member’s appetite isn’t massive at the moment. One way you can skirt that situation is to offer smaller meals or even snacks to your senior throughout the day. This works because if your senior is able to graze throughout the day, she may actually eat a little bit more than she does when she’s trying to eat full, larger meals. Having someone helping your senior with preparing smaller meals more often can help, too. Senior care providers can make all of that so much easier.

Try to Include More of What She Seems to Enjoy

Start paying closer attention to what your elderly family member seems to enjoy eating. If you can duplicate those flavors or offer those items more frequently, especially if that’s a healthy choice, that may be a huge help in getting calories and nutrition into her on a regular basis. Talk with your elderly family member about what foods she wants to eat and is willing to eat.

This may be something that you and your senior each need to compromise on a little bit. She may need to be more willing to explore food ideas and you may need to be more willing to accept that when she’s not as hungry, she probably won’t eat.

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