As your aging adult’s health changes, she may need help with personal tasks like bathing. That’s a pretty embarrassing thing to admit, even to you as her caregiver. It’s also difficult for some caregivers to imagine how they’ll help an adult to bathe without causing pain or injury for both parties.

Homecare Novato CA - Bathing Tips for Your Senior

Homecare Novato CA – Bathing Tips for Your Senior

Here are some things to consider.

Keeping Your Loved One Warm

Older adults tend to get cold much more quickly than you might. Part of this has to do with thinner skin and also with shrinking layers of body fat. Being too cold to bathe can even be one of your senior’s objections for avoiding a bath. Turn up the thermostat a little before bath time or even put a space heater in a safe spot in the bathroom. One idea is to use the space heater to warm the room and then remove it before you even turn on any water.

Keeping Your Loved One Safe

Safety is another huge concern. Your elderly family member might have trouble with her balance or with mobility and both of these issues can play havoc with bathing. Install grab bars in the shower and near the tub. This gives her something to grab if she feels that she’s losing her balance. Another idea is to put a shower chair in the tub or the shower stall. This allows her to bathe in a seated position, which can feel much safer.

Bathing Tools Help

Consider swapping out your senior’s existing shower setup with a shower head that has a longer wand and hose. This gives both of you an opportunity to use the shower head either as it normally is or closer to her body. You might also want to consider bathing gloves that fit soap into pockets in the gloves so that you’re not juggling bottles and bars of soap.

Deal with the Embarrassment

The embarrassment can fade over time, but it’s going to be an issue for a little while. Some aging adults never get past the embarrassment of having someone they love bathing them. That might be when you hire homecare providers to help out. Homecare providers are well-versed in helping your senior to maintain her dignity, even in such an embarrassing situation.

Bathing your senior at home, even with mobility concerns, doesn’t have to feel impossible. Homecare providers can teach you how to help your elderly family member to maneuver her body so that you and your senior can work together to get her clean.

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