As your senior ages, she’s going to need more help. But how do you know if she needs a lot more help now?

Homecare Novato CA - How Do You Know it’s Time to Step in and Help Your Senior? 

Homecare Novato CA – How Do You Know it’s Time to Step in and Help Your Senior?

Asking for Help Might not Be an Option for Her 

It’s entirely possible that no matter how involved you already are in your senior’s life she just doesn’t think about asking you for more help. She might worry about being seen as a burden or she might not think about asking you for more. She very likely has started to compensate for the help that she needs by doing things differently than she did in the past.

It’s Possible She Thinks Everything Is Fine 

Aging can be subtle, even for your senior. It’s entirely possible that she honestly believes that everything is fine and that she doesn’t need more help. She’s not deliberately misleading you or herself. She truly doesn’t believe that she needs more help because she gets done what she wants to do, even if it takes longer to do it. But some help would be nice.

It’s Possible You Think Everything Is Fine 

Depending on your own situation, you might be more in denial than you realize, too. You’ve likely got your own life going on and there are plenty of things demanding your attention. So when your senior doesn’t make a big deal out of her own situation, that might leave you feeling soothed about what is happening in her life.

Signs of Trouble 

It helps to know what the signs of trouble are so that you can start to watch out for them. Things like mail that piles up or changes to your senior’s mobility are signs that she might need more help. If her home starts to look different, especially if it’s dirtier or there seem to be more hazards than ever before, that’s a problem. You might also want to pay attention to whether she seems to be losing weight, gaining weight, or otherwise changing her eating habits abruptly.

If you’re in doubt at all, talk to your senior about what you think might be happening. Having an open and loving conversation can help you to either find some solutions or revisit the topic later. One answer that can help both of you now is to hire homecare providers, especially if you’re busy with too much right now. Homecare providers can give you an assessment of how much help your senior might really need.

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