What are advanced care directives? These are essentially instructions an elderly or terminally ill person might provide for medical professionals or their family. They involve preferences, desires, and basic wishes about how they want to be treated in the future, should they be unable to voice their opinions and thoughts at some point in the future.

Home Health Care Rohnert Park CA - If You Don’t Know Your Advanced Care Directives, It May Be Time to Talk

Home Health Care Rohnert Park CA – If You Don’t Know Your Advanced Care Directives, It May Be Time to Talk

As people get older, advanced care directives become even more important, especially if there is a history of certain medical issues, like Alzheimer’s, or other factors that could potentially make it difficult for them, if not impossible, to explain how they want to be treated.

Part of an advanced care directive should include information about where they want to receive care, if given the choice. For example, an elderly person may want to remain home at all costs, so long as it is safe and feasible to do so. Home health care is a valuable asset in helping aging seniors remain in the comfort of their home, even as they face difficult challenges and health circumstances in the future.

Have you spoken to anyone about your wishes?

If you are in your late 60’s, 70’s, or 80’s and have not sat down to talk to family or even friends about what you want to happen in the future, especially as it pertains to potential support and assistance, long-term care, and other factors, now is the time to do that.

Home health care is one of the best options that’s becoming more preferred among seniors. That’s because it allows aging men and women to remain at home while still getting assistance, even medical support.

A home health care aide can help with many basic tasks of everyday life. That might include bathing or toileting, getting dressed, and doing the laundry, but it can also include taking the senior to do some shopping, going shopping for them, preparing meals, light housekeeping, helping them visit with friends, and so forth.

When a person is experiencing any type of cognitive decline, there may reach a point when family encourages them or believes a facility is a better place for them. In truth, with the value of a home health care nurse and supporting aides, it is more possible now than ever for people to remain home, even if they are bedridden.

The cost factor of home health care is a significant reason more people prefer this to any other type of facility-based care. If you or an aging senior you care about hasn’t figured out their advanced care directives, now is the time to talk about it. Now is a time to set them in stone.

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