When an older adult has a stroke, it can result in anywhere from minor problems to severe disability. Some seniors are left unable to walk or use both of their hands. They may also have trouble communicating. After a stroke, your aging relative may need a lot of help while they rehabilitate.

Home Health Care Petaluma CA - Ways Home Health Care Can Help After a Stroke

Home Health Care Petaluma CA – Ways Home Health Care Can Help After a Stroke

Although family caregivers are an important part of keeping seniors comfortable and healthy after a stroke, they may need some extra help. If you’re in the situation of needing help caring for an older family member who has had a stroke, consider calling a home health care agency. There are plenty of ways a home health care provider can help with the things an older adult needs at home following a stroke, like the things below.

Personal Hygiene

Cleanliness is important to health and self-esteem. Having a stroke can make it difficult or even unsafe for your aging relative to bathe on their own. They may also have difficulty with seemingly simple tasks, like washing their face or brushing their teeth. A home health care provider can help the older adult to get safely in and out of the bath or shower, preventing them from falling. They can also help with daily grooming, including washing, brushing teeth, shaving, and combing hair.

Healthy Meals and Snacks

Home health care offers light meal preparation, so you can be assured that the older adult will have something healthy to eat when you are away. A home health care provider can also make foods that conform to any special dietary needs. And, if the senior needs help eating, the elderly care provider can assist with that, too.


Keeping the house clean gives your older family member a comfortable and safe place to live. Unfortunately, they may be unable to do many of the necessary tasks, like vacuuming. A home health care provider can perform light housekeeping duties, including sweeping, dusting, and vacuuming.

Help with Rehabilitation Exercises

Physical and occupational therapists may assign the older adult exercises and activities to do at home to help them with their rehabilitation. A home health care provider can set up the activities and keep an eye on the senior to make sure they don’t hurt themselves.

Companionship and Activities

Disability from stroke may keep your older family member at home more than they used to be. This can lead to the senior feeling isolated and bored. A home health care provider can offer their company and keep the older adult as involved as possible in activities around the home to prevent boredom.

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