Medical alert jewelry might be a huge help to your senior if she’s ever unable to talk to someone and needs medical or other help. It’s an easy way to make sure that she’s got medical information right there with her.

Home Care Services Sebastopol CA - What Do You Need to Know about Medical Alert Jewelry for Seniors?

Home Care Services Sebastopol CA – What Do You Need to Know about Medical Alert Jewelry for Seniors?

Medical Alert Jewelry Contains a Lot of Information

Medical alert bracelets and necklaces are easy to wear and they have a lot of information on and sometimes in them. They’re usually engraved with a short phrase or single word that lets someone know what issues your senior is facing. One side typically has a medical alert symbol, while the other may be engraved with more information. Some pieces of jewelry are large enough to function like a locket, containing more information inside that medical professionals can access. The most high-tech versions have USB drives that contain even more information.

They’re Helpful When Your Senior Can’t Communicate

These types of jewelry are most helpful when your elderly family member can’t communicate. If she has dementia, for instance, your senior may not be able to let someone know that when she wanders off. Or if your elderly family member has diabetes or low blood pressure, she might be unable to talk at all. Having information about the situation enables people helping your senior to do so with the right type of help.

You Might Be Surprised at How You Feel

This type of jewelry can have a bigger impact on you as a caregiver than you might think. There’s a lot of worry involved in being a caregiver. Knowing that anyone who encounters your senior, from home care providers to anyone else, can access important information that will help her reduces that worry a lot. If your senior tends to leave home a good bit, even with someone else, a medical alert bracelet will help you to feel more secure. And at home, home care providers may be able to answer questions from first responders in an emergency more effectively.

Be Thorough When Including Information

Take a look at the design you want to go with and how much information it can handle. Determine what information someone would need to have if they didn’t know your senior and make sure you can include all of that, or at least include a way to access more information. List major health conditions, especially if your elderly family member has difficulty keeping those health issues in check. Phone numbers, especially for you and for her doctor, are also helpful.

Medical alert jewelry can be the perfect answer for your elderly family member. Take a closer look at what it can do for both of you.

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