Bathing sounds like something you just dive into for your senior, but there is a lot to think about behind the scenes in order to make sure that she’s as safe as she can possibly be. Likewise, you need to be able to access what you need easily with a minimum of fuss.

Home Care Services Sebastopol CA - Four Tips for Safer and Easier Bathing for Your Senior

Home Care Services Sebastopol CA – Four Tips for Safer and Easier Bathing for Your Senior

Get Rid of Excess Clutter in the Bathroom

Clutter in the bathroom is a big problem. It can make the bathroom look fantastic, but if whatever is in the bathroom doesn’t serve a practical purpose, it likely needs to be removed. Talk to your senior about whether certain toiletries can be stored elsewhere, like in her bedroom, or if she only uses them in the bathroom. You might find that just removing excess items makes the bathroom feel a lot roomier than it was.

Consider Adding Handrails Throughout the Bathroom

Handrails are a key safety item for the bathroom. You never know when your senior or you will lose your balance and need a sturdy spot to grab for a moment. Some spots for handrails include inside the tub or shower as well as around the toilet and anywhere that there is a significant amount of open wall space.

Transfer Seats and Tub Lifts Make Bathing Safer and Easier

Getting into and out of the tub is probably the moment which is likely to be the most dangerous for your senior. Luckily there are plenty of tools to make that task both easier and safer for your senior. Transfer seats fit onto the edge of the tub and allow your senior to sit down and slide over into the tub. Tub lifts work in a similar way, but they are automated and can lower your senior into the tub, too.

Take a Close Look at Towel and Supply Storage

Bathing requires a few more supplies than you likely think about consciously. Towels, soap, shampoo, and more all need to be stored in a way that is easy to access. It’s also a good idea to ensure that you’ve got what you and your senior need well before you actually start the shower. That helps to reduce the likelihood that you need to leave your senior perched precariously while you grab a towel from another room.

It might be time for home care services providers to take over bathing your senior. This is especially the case if you’re experiencing your own health issues or injuries that keep you from being as fast or as strong as you have been. Home care services providers can ensure that your elderly family member has a safe, enjoyable bath regularly.

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