Aging family members have exponentially more risks when it comes to possible falls as they continue to age. The more aware of those risk factors you are, the more you can do to help your senior to avoid falling.

Home Care Services Petaluma CA - How Can Your Senior’s Health Indicate Her Risk of Falling?

Home Care Services Petaluma CA – How Can Your Senior’s Health Indicate Her Risk of Falling?

Her Hearing and Vision

Your senior’s vision and her hearing affect whether she can see objects to avoid them and whether her balance is off more often. Both of these senses have far-reaching effects when they’re not functioning properly. That’s why her doctor does rudimentary tests of each during physical exams. Your senior’s doctor may also recommend that she see her eye doctor more often or begin seeing an audiologist.

Her Bones and Their Density

Your senior’s bones support her entire body. If they’re weak or likely to break or experience other injuries, she might find that it’s difficult to get around safely. She’s also at a much greater risk of severe injury if she does fall. A bone density test is something else your senior’s doctor may want to do periodically. This helps determine whether she might need medication or additional supplements.

Side Effects from Medication

Some of the medications your senior takes might make her more likely to fall. The side effects from her medication may be something she wants to avoid, but the medication itself may be necessary. It’s important to talk to her doctor and her pharmacist about how her medication might put her at greater risk of falling.

Chronic Health Issues

So many of the health conditions for which your senior might take medication can have their own fall risks associated with them. Low blood pressure, for instance, can be a huge problem if your senior tries to stand too quickly. Diabetes can also create circumstances, particularly in cases of low blood sugar, when your senior might be more likely to fall. Managing those health issues appropriately can help to correct those concerns.

How Physically Active She Is

If your elderly family member isn’t very physically active, she may have experienced more muscle loss than she realizes. It’s much easier for her to maintain her balance if she’s doing at least a little bit of exercise every day. Talk with her doctor about how much movement is right for her and what types of exercise are best for her situation.

If you’re concerned that your senior has more than a few risks for falling, hiring home care services providers can help. Home care services providers can watch for and alert you to safety concerns and they can also help your senior with her mobility. They’re able to be there when you can’t be and ensure that your senior is as safe as possible.

Excerpt: Your senior’s health and the particular situations she experiences can help you to determine her fall risk.

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