Creativity helps lower stress, improves problem-solving skills, and enhances the mood. When caring for your mom, you’ll both benefit from daily art projects. Get the kids to join in.

If you’re not artistic, which some people are not, you don’t have to give up hope. Many fascinating art projects require no artistic talent.

Here are some of the easiest art projects to try.

Home Care Services Novato CA - Art Projects for All Ages That Don't Require Artistic Talent

Home Care Services Novato CA – Art Projects for All Ages That Don’t Require Artistic Talent

Flower and Herb Prints

Purchase some 300-pound watercolor paper. You can go with a lighter weight if needed, but the 300-pound paper is more durable.

Pick herbs and flowers from outdoor gardens. Bring them inside and arrange them as desired on a sheet of the watercolor paper. Place a sheet of wax paper over the plants and place a heavy book or board over them.

Using a rolling pin or hammer, whack all areas covering the paper. The goal is to smash the herbs and flowers enough so that their natural coloring releases into the paper. What’s left behind is an image of the plants, but it has the blurred edges that give it the quality of an impressionist painting.

Paint Balloon Art

Start with the biggest canvas you can find. Purchase bottles of acrylic paint or mix water and paint powder and put some into an empty squirt bottle. Use those bottles to fill water balloons. Attach those balloons to the canvas in an outdoor area free of obstacles.

Make sure your mom is dressed in clothing that can get messy. Using a dart or skewer, pop the balloons one at a time. The paint will splatter on the canvas and create an abstract painting.

Spray Paint Paintings

Purchase small cans of interior-use spray paint. Take a canvas and place items found in nature on the canvas. Create a nature scene or pattern that appeals to you using rocks, twigs, feathers, leaves, etc. Use tape on the back of lighter leaves to keep them secured.

Take the spray paint and lightly cover over the canvas in colors that appeal to you. Add other colors one at a time to create a colorful background. Let it dry before removing the items. The images of the items appear in white on a colored background.

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