Your elderly family member might have been dealing with arthritis for a long time, but as it becomes more severe, she may need to pay a lot more attention to what it’s doing to her quality of life. There’s a lot to consider when putting a plan together to manage arthritis pain.

Talk to Her Doctor First

Home Care Petaluma CA - Four Tips to Make Life Easier if Your Senior Has Arthritis

Home Care Petaluma CA – Four Tips to Make Life Easier if Your Senior Has Arthritis

The first stop in making sure that your senior’s life is as easy as possible with arthritis is to talk to her doctor. Her doctor can help you and your senior to personalize a plan that accounts for her specific needs and challenges. There may be physical therapies that help, medications that work well for her, or other techniques that you can try. Starting with a solid plan is a good idea.

Your Senior May Benefit from Extra Help

Something else to consider is that your elderly family member may benefit from hands-on help in her home. Some of the daily chores and tasks that she’s handled all along may be more difficult for her now. When she has help from home care providers, she’s able to put the rest of her energy toward other activities that have meaning for her and that bring her joy. Keeping her from struggling is a really important solution.

Eating Healthier Can Help

What your elderly family member eats matters, always. If she’s eating lots of nutrient-dense foods on a regular basis, her body has what it needs to keep her as healthy as possible. This can translate to helping her to reduce inflammation and pain along with other treatment methods. If supplementation is a good idea, her doctor can give you a list of recommended supplements to try.

Stress Management Matters, Too

When your senior is stressed out or upset, that makes managing pain and inflammation more difficult. Emotions have a huge impact on physical well-being. There may be some things that you and your elderly family member can do to help her to deal with the stress she might be experiencing due to pain or due to having her normal schedule disrupted a bit. Talk to her about what has her most stressed and see if you can come up with solutions together.

Your elderly family member’s doctor may have additional ideas as you work through the plan that you put in place. Continuing to tweak that plan is going to be important going forward.

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