There’s no guarantee that you can prevent every possible fall that your senior might experience, but you can take steps to ensure that a fall is far less likely. Try some of these ideas in your senior’s home.

Home Care in Cotati CA: Preventing Falls

Home Care in Cotati CA: Preventing Falls

Pay Special Attention to Stairs.

One of the biggest fall risks of all for your aging adult is stairs. They become infinitely more of an issue if your elderly family member uses a cane or walker. Make sure that any hand rails are securely attached and if there aren’t any, add some. For exterior stairs, consider adding a ramp. With interior stairs, ensure that the stair treads are secured and that any carpet isn’t frayed or potentially a tripping hazard. You might want to consider whether a stair lift is a possibility, too.

Reduce Clutter.

Clutter is basically anything, regardless of how useful it could be, that is in the way or that could become a tripping hazard. Cords, rugs, and miscellaneous items are all a big problem when it comes to clutter. Try to find a new home for anything that’s in the way and make sure that all pathways in the house are as clear and open as possible. Make sure if your senior uses a walker or a cane that she has clearance for those, as well.

Mark Off Different Areas.

Areas that transition or that have shadows no matter what can create a visual problem for your senior. Try using brightly-colored or glow-in-the-dark tape to delineate those different areas from each other. This can help your elderly family member to spot thresholds when she walks into a new room, for instance, or spot the edge of a large area rug. You can also use the tape idea on stairs to mark the edge of each tread.

Enlist Some Help.

If your elderly family member has mobility issues, vision problems, or simply is afraid that she might fall, it can be a good idea to have home care providers there with her. They can help her to navigate any areas that are troublesome for her. They can also let you know when they spot any differences in your elderly family member’s behavior that could indicate that she might be more likely to fall.

The more that you can do to prevent falls, the less likely a fall will probably be for your aging adult. If you do spot any changes that indicate she might be more susceptible to falling, talk to her doctor right away. Her doctor can help you to find a solution that manages the issue before it becomes a problem.

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