You’ve seen the IRS/FBI/DMV scam listed in papers and online news sites. You’ve probably heard about lottery and grandparent scams, too. These are common. But, what about scams that don’t get as much attention? How many of these have you informed your parents of?

Home Care in Sebastopol CA: Scams That Target Seniors

Home Care in Sebastopol CA: Scams That Target Seniors

Deceased Owed Debt Scams.

After a family member dies, your parents might find a stranger showing up at the funeral or memorial service. The stranger announces the deceased owed them money. People often fall for this scam.

What happens is that the scammer reads obituaries and goes to services. The plan is to convince the widow/widower or remaining heirs that money was owed. There’s no proof either way. Some people are so busy grieving that they don’t take the time to really think about it.

Discount Prescription Medication Scams.

There are a couple of different prescription medication scams. One involves offers to help a senior save a lot of money on prescriptions. The site discounts all medications. Once the senior completes the transaction, the scammer sends nothing or sends a placebo that can put the senior citizen’s health at risk.

Illegal Prescription Scam.

Another prescription medication scam recently targeted an older woman. She got a call from the DEA that some prescription painkillers were seized. Her name was on the package. If she wants to avoid jail, she’ll pay the DEA’s fine immediately. The agency would work with her to clear up the misunderstanding in the meantime.

Each week, he’d call back giving her an update and requesting more money. She continued to believe him because he insisted she’d get her money back when the case was over. She needed to keep her receipts for that reason.

Violent Call Scams.

This one often targets seniors. When the senior answers the phone, the person on the other end is outraged and threatening to harm or kill someone that’s been abducted or is being held captive for whatever reason. Sounds of violence follow. To save a person’s life, the person must immediately pay a ransom.

You’re Not Dead Scams.

Another scam involving death targets victims via email. The sender poses as an official from some legitimate agency. They say a person has filed a death notice in your name. To fix that issue, money must be wired or personal information must be shared to prove you’re alive and well.

Seniors are often targets of scams because they’re willing to stay on the line. If a senior has no one to talk to, loneliness sets in. Callers prey on a senior’s need to socialize.

To keep your parent from falling for a scam, talk about the many kinds of scams regularly. Discuss the importance of never sending money without having you look it over and give input into the validity. Make sure your parent socializes often.

Home care agencies help with socialization. Caregivers come to your parent’s house and keep them company. They also help with household chores. Call us today to find out more.

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