Your elderly loved one is likely to encounter at least a few different physical challenges as she grows older. Some of them might come about more rapidly than either of you expect and that can mean you need to get creative in how you help her to face them on a daily basis.

Elderly Care Oakmont CA - Four Types of Physical Challenges that Can Get Gradually Worse

Elderly Care Oakmont CA – Four Types of Physical Challenges that Can Get Gradually Worse

Incontinence Problems

Urinary incontinence is an inconvenience at first, especially for your senior. But as she grows older and her health changes, incontinence can be an even bigger issue for her. Memory problems and mobility problems can each compound the situation, too, making it more difficult for your senior to get to the bathroom when she needs it. She may also need more help with cleaning up after an accident, changing clothes, and so much more.

Joint Issues

Arthritis and other joint issues are progressive ailments. They become worse over time and might be exacerbated by other health conditions your senior is facing. Your elderly family member may need to rely on you and others more often in order to do even the simplest of activities, like brushing her teeth or getting dressed. This can make her feel embarrassed or even angry, which is another aspect she’ll need to get past.

Difficulties with Mobility

Besides arthritis, your elderly family member might have other trouble getting around. At first, this might mean that she needs to be more careful as she’s walking or she needs to use a cane. Over time, this can worsen to the point that she needs to use a walker or even a wheelchair to get around. This decrease in mobility might mean that she needs additional help not only getting around, but also making sure that her environment is suited for the more involved assistive devices she’s using.

Trouble Driving

These issues and more, including cognitive changes, can all contribute to your senior being unable to drive any longer. This can create some serious emotional issues for her, because driving is often associated with remaining independent and being able to live on her own. Having additional options for transportation can help to alleviate some of those fears for her.

Most of these situations will likely fall to you to manage as your senior’s caregiver. But it helps considerably for you to have another layer of help, too. Elderly care providers can help your senior with these issues and more, especially when you can’t be there with her.

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