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Does Your Parent Take Proper Care of Their Contact Lenses?

Elderly Care in Petaluma CA

August 22 through 26 is Contact Lens Health Week. This is the perfect opportunity for you to review healthy and safe contact lens practices with your aging parent, and with yourself, to ensure Elderly-Care-in-Petaluma-CAthat they care for these lenses and their eyes properly. Taking proper care of their contacts and using them responsibly is essential to guarding their eye health and preventing potentially serious issues such as eye infections, eye disease, and eye injuries.


Use these tips to help your parent ensure that they are taking proper care of their eye health and safety by taking proper care of their contact lenses:

  • Wear the proper lenses. There are many different types of contact lenses available and it is important that your parent wear the correct ones in order to keep their eyes safe and healthy, and to maintain the highest level of comfort. Be sure that they are upfront and honest with their eye doctor about any new or changing symptoms that they are experiencing so that they can change the type of contacts that they prescribe if necessary.
  • Wear them appropriately. Even if your parent’s contacts feel absolutely comfortable, if they are not meant to be slept in or worn for extended periods, it is vital that your parent follow through with this. The instructions given with each type of contacts are there to ensure proper use and without following these instructions your parent cannot feel confident that they will get the most benefit or the safest use out of them.
  • Wash their hands. It is extremely important to remember that the eye is a membrane and highly vulnerable to bacteria, germs, and other contaminants. Your parent should wash their hands thoroughly before touching their contact lenses in any way, including putting them in, taking them out, and cleaning them to prevent infection, illness, and damage.
  • Clean with the proper products. Saline solution is great for storing contact lenses and wetting them prior to inserting them, but it does not thoroughly clean and sanitize the lenses. Encourage your parent to use a sanitizing solution to remove germs, bacteria, and debris that could be clinging to the lenses. Make sure that they rinse their lenses after cleaning them, however, as this solution is not meant to come into contact with the eye itself.
  • Replace as needed. Discourage your parent from trying to save money by wearing contacts for longer than they should. Contact lenses should be replaced as frequently as is outlined on the packaging, whether that is daily, weekly, monthly, or longer. This ensures that they stay as effective, safe, and healthy as possible.


If you are concerned that your aging parent is struggling with their personal care needs as they age in place, elderly care can be the ideal solution to ease your mind and help your parent enjoy the healthiest, safest quality of life possible as they age in place. This elderly home care services provider can be with your parent whenever is necessary and offer a personalized approach to care specifically tailored to meet their needs while also encouraging them to handle as much of their own care tasks on their own as they can independently or with some assistance.


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