Elder Care in Petaluma CA

Most elderly adults are from a time when modesty was highly valued and behaviors and opinions toward personal care were quite different than they are today. If your elderly loved one has Elder-Care-in-Petaluma-CAdeveloped challenges and limitations that make it difficult for them to handle personal tasks such as bathing on their own, you might need to assist them in order to ensure that they remain properly clean and healthy while also protecting their safety. While handling this important task, however, it is critical that you take the proper steps to ensure that your loved one’s modesty is respected.


Use these tips to help you preserve a senior’s modesty while helping them bathe:

  • Let them prepare privately. Before bath time, bring your parent a bathrobe and slippers and then leave the room. Once they are undressed and in the robe, they can join you in the bathroom. If they are unable to handle undressing on their own, wrap them in the robe and help them remove their clothing one article at a time while keeping them covered.
  • Have a bath towel. Offer your parent a towel and let them wrap themselves in it before sitting on a shower bench. This will keep them covered throughout the bathing experience so that they can preserve their modesty at all times. As they are bathing, let them uncover and offer one body part at a time so that they can remain as covered as possible and guide the process of bathing.
  • Encourage them to handle as much on their own as possible. Encourage your senior to do as much of the bathing on their own as they can. This can include preparing a washcloth or pouf with body wash and handing it to them so that they can wash sensitive body parts. You can then hand them a handheld shower head to rinse.
  • Cover your hands. Avoid touching your loved one with bare hands. This can be perceived as too personal. Instead, wear gloves and only touch them with washcloths, poufs, or a wash mitt.


If your senior loved one has challenges or limitations that make it difficult for them to handle their personal care needs, including bathing, now may be the ideal time for you to consider starting elder care for them. Requiring assistance with these types of tasks can be extremely emotionally difficult for your senior. They can also be challenging for you. You might not feel emotionally prepared to handle the demands of helping your parent with such sensitive tasks or you may lack the physical capability to help them confidently and safely. Having an elderly home care services provider in the home with them is a wonderful way to ensure that these important needs are properly addressed while also preserving their modesty and self-esteem. This can relieve your parent’s stress as well as your own, and enable you to focus more energy and attention on other elements of your care routine and other responsibilities in your life.


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