Considering Home Care in Santa Rosa, CA?

It is difficult for many seniors to allow a stranger into their home. They may be people who just value their privacy, or they could have heard some of the myths and misconceptions about senior in-home care. Home care workers can help prepare meals, clean house, help with errands, and accompany seniors to doctor visits and more.

For these reasons, home care can be the best thing that ever happened for some seniors, but doubts still remain, and those can be put to rest when you take a long, hard look at the reality of home care for seniors.

Home Care for Seniors – Exposing the Myths

One of the most prevalent myths surrounding home care for seniors is that home care workers really do not care about their patients. That couldn’t be further from the truth! Home care agencies carefully screen their caregivers for criminal records,  and they also monitor them closely to ensure they establish a rapport with clients. To this end, they also will take a close look at the needs of a patient before they even assign a caregiver. If you or your loved one is not satisfied with the job a caregiver is doing, the agency can be contacted and they will promptly replace them with a more suitable candidate.

Another common misnomer associated with home care for seniors is that caregivers will steal from them.  After you do some research on an agency, you will feel comfortable with the caregivers they provide, and know they are people you can trust. Make sure the home care agency performs criminal background checks, drug testing, and conducts interviews designed to match caregivers with clients.

Yet another myth that has been around for many years concerning home care is that the quality of care is less than what one could receive at other facilities. The reality is that home care staff members receive extensive training before they are sent out in the field. 

You should also sit and talk with the caregivers sent to you by an agency. Get to know your caregivers. They have a lot great tips and wisdom to share with seniors and families. You should also know that many home care agencies do provide  around-the-clock care, so no matter the needs of your senior, if you do enough research, you will find an agency that can provide the specialized care your senior requires.

Like most of us, our aging loved ones do better when they are able to stay in their own homes. Do not let home care myths scare you away from a service that can truly be beneficial to a loved one, but do not let anything stop you from doing plenty of research into any home care agency you are considering.

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