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Elderly Care in Petaluma CA

What Should You Expect When Caring for a Senior in Middle-Stage Alzheimer’s?

Elderly Care in Petaluma CA: Middle Stage Alzheimer's

Elderly Care in Petaluma CA: Moderate Alzheimer’s disease is the stage at which the challenges that your aging parent faces will become much more obvious and they may no longer be able to live independently. This stage can last for many years, during which the symptoms and challenges will continue to evolve and worsen for your parent, and care responsibilities will continue to increase for you.

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Does Your Parent Take Proper Care of Their Contact Lenses?

Elderly Care in Petaluma CA August 22 through 26 is Contact Lens Health Week. This is the perfect opportunity for you to review healthy and safe contact lens practices with your aging parent, and with yourself, to ensure that they care for these lenses and their eyes properly. Taking proper care of their contacts and…

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Is Your Elderly Loved One Battling Incontinence?

Elderly Care in Petaluma CA Incontinence is embarrassing and frustrating for everyone involved. If your elderly loved one is dealing with incontinence, she likely doesn’t want to talk about it often. Talking about the problem can help you to make sure that you come up with a plan that fits your loved one’s lifestyles, however.…

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