Anyone who cares for others over a long period of time can be at risk of developing compassion fatigue. This happens when you’ve been pouring so much energy and effort into caregiving that you wear yourself completely out.

Caregiver Rohnert Park CA - Could You Be Dealing with Compassion Fatigue?

Caregiver Rohnert Park CA – Could You Be Dealing with Compassion Fatigue?

You’re Noticing that You’re Exhausted All the Time

Exhaustion can be common for a caregiver, but you might start to notice that you’re always exhausted. No matter how much sleep you get, you might still feel worn down. This is a big sign that you need to pay attention to and it might be one of the first signs you notice. Taking a step back and breaking through your exhaustion can help you to avoid some of the bigger issues associated with compassion fatigue.

You’re Not Feeling Empathy Lately

Caregivers are typically very empathetic. As caregiving becomes more difficult and traumatic for you, your mind may try to protect you a little bit from how you’re feeling. One way that it does this is by reducing your empathetic response to others, especially the senior you’re taking care of every day.

You Dread Caregiving

You might also find that you wake up dreading your caregiving duties. Your daily routine may feel less like a routine and more like something you can’t escape. This feeling can be worse if you’re isolated, because you might start to feel trapped in a situation that you are convinced that you can’t change or control.

You’re Experiencing Physical Symptoms

Physical symptoms may also start to manifest. You might have headaches, insomnia, or chronic health issues might start to act up. These physical symptoms are usually a warning to you that you need to be paying more attention to your health.

You’re Having a Hard Time Making Decisions

Brain fog and trouble thinking or making decisions can also be a problem you experience with compassion fatigue. Your body and your brain are worn out and this takes a big toll. If you’re still trying to do all of the things that you’ve been doing, though, it’s going to become more and more difficult.

Compassion fatigue doesn’t have to keep you from being a caregiver. Once you recognize the symptoms, it’s time to do something about them. Start by talking with your doctor about finding solutions for the symptoms you’ve got and look into finding a backup who can take over more often for you. Home care services providers can be there for your senior while you take care of you.

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