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Focusing on the Brighter Side of Caregiving

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Along with the rewarding side of caregiving comes the stressful, challenging side. Often times, we forget how joyful we should be over all of the time we get to spend with our elderly parents Caregiver in Sonoma CAbecause it is overshadowed by all of the difficult situations we have to deal with. Depending on the health of your aging parent, they may have multiple medical conditions that you have to help them manage. Or their personality and mood has drastically shifted as they have gotten older, causing them to criticize all you do to help them. In order to overcome these negative obstacles, it is important that you learn how to see the positive aspects of being a family caregiver. You can do this by following these tips.

  • Remember why you wanted to be a caregiver. What was your sole purpose in taking on the stressful role of caregiver? Was it to provide the same support and love that your parent gave to you as a child? Or perhaps you want to help your loved one manage their health conditions. Whatever your initial reason was for taking on these responsibilities should be remembered every day, especially on the particularly difficult days.
  • Look into the future. If you were to predict the future, what would you see? How do you think the work you are doing for the senior will help them? Although there may be days where you want to throw in the towel, knowing how you are helping to shape their future should help boost your morale.
  • Strengthen the relationship. Make the most of your time with your elderly loved one by strengthening your relationship. Sit down and have conversations with them, reminisce over old family photo albums and memories, and do activities together that has brought both of you joy in the past.
  • Ask for help. Although you love your parent, there may be days where you just want a break. Respite care may be the perfect solution because an experienced elder care provider will arrive at the elder’s home in order to provide care for them, while you take some time for yourself.

Being a family caregiver can be especially trying on your emotional, mental, and even physical health. Yet, by following these tips and continuing to have a bright outlook on what the future has in store for both of you, you will be able to spot the positive side to caregiving once again.

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