Investigating safe driving for your aging adult can mean looking at a variety of different factors. These are some of the most common problems your elderly family member might encounter.

Elder Care in Rohnert Park CA: Driving Safety

Elder Care in Rohnert Park CA: Driving Safety

Swelling and Pain in the Extremities.

Your senior’s hands, arms, legs, and feet are crucial to helping her drive safely and control the vehicle. If these extremities hurt or are too swollen to move properly, she’s going to have serious difficulty with driving. Talk with her doctor if her arms and legs are experiencing difficulties.

Trouble Controlling the Car.

Difficulty controlling the vehicle can crop up for other reasons, too. If your elderly family member’s car is an older one, it’s possible that it may not have power steering or brakes. As your senior ages, she may have difficulty with the strength required to operate those functions without assistance form the car. Your elderly family member may find that driving a car with a manual transmission can also be a problem. It might be time to upgrade the car.

Diminished Visibility.

Your senior may have diminished visibility for a variety of reasons. One of the most common is because her vision is changing. But she can also have trouble with visibility if she’s not able to turn her body to look over her shoulder or she’s unable to see over the hood of her car. Make sure that your aging family member is keeping up with eye doctor appointments and test her ability to see around the vehicle a few times a year.

Trouble with Hearing.

If your aging adult can’t hear well, sounds like emergency sirens and car horns may be ignored inadvertently. It’s a good idea for your elderly family member to have her hearing tested. From there, she can find solutions to help, such as choosing hearing aids or limiting sounds inside the car, primarily by turning off radios and keeping the windows up.

General Weakness and Reduced Stamina.

It’s not uncommon for elderly people to lose muscle tone and to gradually become weaker. This is especially the case if your senior doesn’t exercise at all. Work with your elderly family member’s doctor to set up an exercise and diet plan that can help her to regain valuable muscle tone.

When you can’t resolve these problems quickly, having alternative transportation solutions, such as hiring elder care providers, can be a solid temporary option.

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