Diabetes causes all sorts of complications, especially when it’s not well controlled. One of the complications that might worry your senior the most can be problems with her vision, even up to blindness. But that isn’t a foregone conclusion. There are some steps you can take to help prevent blindness as a result of diabetes.

Senior Care in Rohnert Park CA: Diabetes and Eye Health

Senior Care in Rohnert Park CA: Diabetes and Eye Health

Keep an Eye on Blood Sugar Levels.

The biggest tool in your senior’s arsenal for fighting eye issues later is to monitor blood sugar levels now. Keeping blood sugar levels within certain ranges can help your elderly family member’s body, and especially her eyes, to avoid experiencing deterioration due to excess blood sugar. Talk with your senior’s doctor about what the right glucose levels are for her. You may also want to learn how to use your elderly family member’s glucose meter so that you can help her test her blood sugar levels.

Get Regular Eye Exams.

It’s really crucial to have a baseline for your senior’s eye health. If she hasn’t had an eye exam for a while, it’s important to schedule one now, even right after she’s been diagnosed with diabetes. This first exam will help your senior and her eye doctor to spot changes later, if they occur. Make sure that your senior also understands that it’s vital for her to let you or her doctor know when her vision starts to change.

Talk to Her Doctor about Risk Factors.

Every individual with diabetes has slightly different risk factors than other people with diabetes have. Talk with your aging adult’s doctor to get a full understanding of all of the factors that are affected by her diabetes. You’ll also need to understand what other conditions your senior might develop later. All of this is important information that affects the best ways to approach your elderly family member’s overall health.

Exercise and Eat Right.

Exercise and a healthy diet round out your elderly family member’s toolkit for managing diabetes. Eating a healthy diet involves reducing unhealthy food options, such as junk food, and adding fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Exercise can be a little difficult, but start out slowly and make sure that her doctor recommends a safe amount and type of exercise for your aging adult.

Obviously the sooner that you and your elderly family member get to work on protecting her vision, the better. It’s really helpful to have other people who can help you to manage everything that goes into achieving this goal. Senior care providers can help you to manage the daily aspects of managing your senior’s diabetes.

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