There are a lot of Alzheimer’s drugs entering the final stages of testing. Some of the medications being tested as a potential Alzheimer’s medication include S-Equol, Oxaloacetate, LY3002813, and NPT088. That’s just a handful of the current Alzheimer’s trials.

Home Care in Novato CA: Alzheimer's Medication Research

Home Care in Novato CA: Alzheimer’s Medication Research

It’s been 15 years since a new Alzheimer’s medication received FDA approval. Some pharmaceutical companies, such as Pfizer, have given up for now. Biogen has a new drug that’s just moved forward in final tests. The medication known as BAN2401 attacks the amyloid proteins believed to cause Alzheimer’s. It doesn’t stop the disease, but it significantly slows the progression.

Test Results so Far.

BAN2401 originally proved unsuccessful after a year-long trial. The trial participants were re-tested at the end of the trial, which was at 18 months, and 856 patients were seeing symptoms progress at a slower rate.

The medication works by binding to the cells that are linked to amyloid proteins. As they bind, they neutralize the damage the proteins can do. If this medication passes advanced trials and wins FDA approval, it will be used when people are diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment or the mild stages of Alzheimer’s.

What Are the Current Medication Options?

Right now, there are five Alzheimer’s medications available.

  • Aricept.
  • Exelon.
  • Namenda.
  • Namzaric.
  • Razadyne.


Aricept stops the breakdown of acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter that sends messages to cells that handle gland and muscle responses and the neurons. Exelon works the same way, but it also stops the breakdown of a second neurotransmitter known as butyrylcholine. Razadyne also focuses on acetylcholine and helps get higher levels of it into the brain.

Namenda is a drug that manages how the neurotransmitter known as glutamate is processed. It helps keep the levels from reaching toxicity. Namzaric is the newest of the Alzheimer’s drugs. It’s a combination of Namenda and Aricept that helps with glutamate and acetylcholine management.

Current Medications Cannot Cure the Disease.

There is no cure for Alzheimer’s. If your parent is diagnosed, there will be a progression that may last years or decades. Every patient is different. As the symptoms increase, your parent will not be able to live independently.

Some of the things seniors with Alzheimer’s need help with are medication reminders, meals, showers/baths, grooming, toileting, dressing, and transportation. As your parent declines, you might see your mom or dad become unable to walk and talk. Caregivers become a vital part of your parent’s daily life.

Even if you decide to provide the home care your parent needs, you need help. It’s easy to burn out, so make sure you talk to us about the benefits of respite care.

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