As a caregiver, you probably have paperwork and notes all over the place. You’re most likely dealing with a stack of sticky notes somewhere right now. Those notes get disorganized, lost, and completely forgotten. Establishing a notebook for yourself can solve those problems quickly.

Caregiver in Petaluma CA: Keeping a Caregiver Notebook

Caregiver in Petaluma CA: Keeping a Caregiver Notebook

Why Do You Need Notes?

Think about how much you do and how much you keep track of on a daily basis. It’s likely a lot more than you realize. When you take notes about what happened and what needs to happen next, you don’t have to worry about remembering any of that. It’s written down, right there in your notebook. Whenever you need the information, you can refer back to it.

What Should You Keep in Your Notebook?

There’s really no right or wrong bit of information for you to keep in your notebook. Whatever you need to keep track of can go in there. Your senior’s schedule, her medical information, and anything that needs to get done on a certain day could all make it into your notebook. Think about the information that you need on a daily basis and that’s the stuff that you should put in your notebook.

Make it Yours.

While this is a notebook for you as a caregiver, it’s ultimately your notebook. That means you can make it yours however you need or want to. You might like a pocket notebook, a simple spiral, or a fancy leather 3-ring binder. Whatever helps you to stay organized and on target is okay.

Carry it with You.

The biggest thing you need to remember is to carry your notebook with you. The reason for this is really simple. If you don’t have it with you, you’re not going to update it when you really need to. You’ll think that you will and you might even tell yourself that you’ll remember and write down what you need to write down, but that rarely happens. This is another reason that making the notebook something that you love can pay off. You’ll want to have it with you more often.

Once you’ve used your caregiver notebook for a little while, you’ll start to spot ways in which it can work harder for you. You might find that you like one notebook for keeping track of bigger items at home and another that you carry with you everywhere. Whatever works for you and your situation is the best solution.

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