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Senior Care in Oakmont CA

Four Ways Family Caregivers Can Provide the Very Best Care

Senior Care in Oakmont CA: Providing the Best Care

Senior Care in Oakmont CA: Being a family caregiver is stressful. It’s also something that millions of adult children do for their parents. They take them to appointments. They drive them to the store. They help pay bills and cook meals. To provide the very best care as a family caregiver, there are things you should avoid and some you should make sure you do constantly.

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How Can You Help Your Loved One Deal with Sleep Issues?

Senior Care in Oakmont CA When your loved one is having trouble sleeping, that can disrupt your sleep patterns, too. Before you know it, you both might end up in a sleep-deprived state or switching your waking and sleeping hours. Here are some tips to help combat sleep issues. Talk to Her Doctor When your…

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Why Every Caregiver Should Use Respite Care

Senior Care in Oakmont CA   The role of caregiver is usually occupied by well-meaning family members who want to help their elderly parent with the tasks they are unable to do. While their intentions are good, the responsibilities that end up being put on their lap can take a toll on their health. According…

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3 Things to Remember About Grief and Supporting Your Loved One

Senior Care in Oakmont CA As humans, we find ourselves facing grief for a variety of reasons. Your elderly loved one could have lost a loved one of her own or may be mourning the loss of some of her own abilities. Grief is also something that tends to make most people feel uncomfortable, even…

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Should Seniors Be Concerned About BPA?

Senior Care in Oakmont CA Chances are you’ve heard about BPA, or you have seen things labeled as “BPA Free.”  BPA, or bisphenol A, is a chemical that is used to harden plastics and it can be found in items that seniors use every day such as water bottles and food containers.  With the recent…

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Senior Care Recipes: Rich and Creamy Deviled Eggs

Senior Care in Oakmont CA Nothing says summertime like picnics and cookouts, and if yours is like many families, one of the things that you absolutely must have on the buffet is deviled eggs. These delicious little bite-sized goodies are perfect for appetizers, sides, or addition to a vegetarian assortment. Their protein and vitamins make…

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