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Understanding the Impact of a Urinary Tract Infection

Caregivers in Santa Rosa CA Many people know the pain and discomfort of a urinary tract infection. In fact, 50 percent of all women will experience such an infection at some point in their lives. These infections can cause a variety of symptoms, including pain and burning during urination, abdominal pain, and even fatigue and…

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The Importance of Easing Anger for Your Caregiver Health

Caregiver in Santa Rosa CA Experiencing anger is normal, natural, and even healthy when it is in response to difficult or frustrating situations in your life. Dealing with this emotion too frequently, too intensely, or in response to irrational situations, however, can be detrimental within your caregiver journey and your personal life outside of your…

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Cold Medicine Side Effects

Caregivers Santa Rosa CA : What You Should Be Aware of We’re well into cold and flu season and that means that many seniors are taking over-the-counter medications to relieve their discomfort and get some much-needed rest. While these wonder drugs can help quell an annoying cough or runny nose, they can give you unwanted…

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Try to Become More Optimistic and Look at Life Sunny Side Up!

Caregivers  Santa Rosa CA – Life is Full of Ups and Downs, Learn How to Feel Happier Sometimes the best way to get yourself into a better situation is to change your outlook. Not all circumstances in life can be changed to what we want them to be. Yes, we can find ways of improving…

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Caregivers in Santa Rosa, CA – September is Healthy Aging Month

This month of observance for healthy aging is held annually to focus attention on the positive side of aging. The mission of this annual observance is to promote the idea that each individual is personally responsible for their own health in every area – physical, mental, social and financial.

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Dealing with an Unruly Family: Caregiver Stories in Santa Rosa CA

Sometimes it’s not easy to be a family caregiver, or a home care provider as part of your job, or dealing with certain family members of the elderly patient for whom you’re providing home care. It can be enough just dealing with unruly family members that make you think it’s just not worth the effort. After all, you’re there to make sure that the elderly individual is safe, and healthy in his or her home.

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