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Archive for June 2014

Home Care Santa Rosa, CA: Topics in Caregiving

Caregivers are a critically important part of the elderly loved one’s life and support system. Who are the caregivers and what do they do? Caregivers are usually a family member, and they often still have jobs or younger family members at home to take care of. This makes caregivers the center of the sandwich generation as well as very busy people trying to manage many responsibilities at one time.

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Elder Care in Santa Rosa, CA – Happy and Healthy Elder Years

As a child it was your mom who took you to see the doctor when you were ill. Now the tables have turned and you are the one driving her to her doctor appointments. You are likely doing much more than that. It can be both challenging and intimidating to be responsible for our parent’s care, and all their caregiving needs. There will be changes in health as they age of course, but you are in a perfect position to advocate for their care.

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Senior Care Concerns in Santa Rosa CA: Depression and Dementia, any Connection?

There are many people who have questions when it pertains to dementia. There is still so much that doctors and researchers simply don’t know about these various brain diseases, including the causes and potential cures. One question that seems to come up a lot when it pertains to senior care and dementia is whether or not depression could be a potential cause of the disease.

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